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Goodbye 2018!

I have never written a review of my blogging year, and after flitting back to January 2018 I can see why…..

January started in grumpy mode – off to a flying start then – and I was hoping to complete a new, riveting, interactive project called Loopy Letters. That all went tits up.
I also fell off a tree and hurt my knee – IT STILL HURTS!!!!

February – Still grumpy.

March – Mr Devine had a birthday!!! There was snow in the form of The Beast from the East!!! I also had a birthday.

April – A little less grumpy. Charmaine popped in for some gruel, and I regaled my readers with tales about exotic train travel.

May – In a better frame of mind, some would say almost hysterical, as I went into a giggle meltdown due to Mr Devine’s sidebar being sabotaged by Dinah’s extra-large photographs. You had to be there to understand my mirth.
In May I also accepted that I’m a flakey ne’er do well, and the Loopy Letters project was quietly shelved. It will probably fall off the shelf in 2021 and make a loud thud.

June – I made curtains, and walked a lot.

July – It was hot.

August – My eyebrows fell out.

September – Waffled on about calligraphy.

October – Good grief. What was I thinking? On the plus side, there was a nice picture of a big blue sky.

November – Onset of Tinnitus, and Yodel van incident. BUT, I also won the FGES competition!!!!

December – Christmas!

And, after almost nothing happening for a whole year, my blogging chums still turn up to say hello!!!! Remarkable. They all deserve medals. Should I make medals in 2019??? Gilded medals… I could send them out to people???? NO, NO, stop this madness!!!

I have no plans for 2019 other than I resolve to conduct myself in a more orderly fashion. Whatever that means.

Anyhow, best wishes for a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all who wander through my blog posts!!! Even the spam bots.