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Notes and Pictures and a Big Pink Bush

I have a new series of posts to delight and entertain! Following on from my globally popular series such as A book on a chair, Loopy Letters and Scarlet’s Guide to Public Toilets in the UK, I bring you: Notes From My Journals 1971 – 2021. These will include digital notes; handwritten notes; and photographs from my photo journal. For example here is a note from June 1975:-

And from more recently…

4th June 2021

Honestly, I am shaken by my encounter, but pleased I didn’t get into a slanging match. No point with people like that, is there? And I realise I haven’t explained what happened. In a nutshell: tractor with agricultural equipment being pulled behind, was hurtling towards us in a narrow lane; it stopped, but I didn’t think there was room enough for us to pass by; I walked back to a large passing point, so did my friend and her dog; the tractor then came to a halt beside us, and the driver ranted on about us not walking past when he’d stopped; I said that my dog wouldn’t and he replied that I shouldn’t be on the road then; he then made a point of staring at me; I didn’t reply and stared back, matching his aggressive eye contact; he then pretended to be about to let his snarling dog out of the tractor cab; I didn’t flinch; in the end he had to drive away with me still staring after him.
Guess I was cool really, but I didn’t feel it. I reckon he will deliberately try to kill me if he ever sees me again – I got that sort of vibe. Glad I wasn’t wearing the onesie.

And from my photo journal – My glorious pink bush….

Yes, this year I am determined to be ready for the Garden Competition.

Knee update: Saw Doctor on Friday, he claimed to be baffled and referred me to physio. Perhaps I should have shown him the wax effigy to explain the condition of my knee? Maybe next time.