More Calligraphy Envelopes…..

As I said in my last post I got very bored during the Winter storms… so, yes, unfortunately I have MORE envelopes to slap on my blog… actually, I might have enough to blog about until 2016… JOKE!!! It’s just that when I moved I discovered that I had accumulated an awful lot of stationery, so I thought I’d use some of it up. I will try to do something different for my next post.


Looks corporate?

I have used this mix of calligraphy styles a few times, casual copperplate and roman written with a split nib, but this is the first time I’ve used it with black ink on white paper… which, I think, gives it a sort of corporate formal feel. I usually write these styles in cream on red, and it doesn’t look formal at all! I am a bit of a split nib fan, though they don’t seem to be as popular as they did when I got my first one… which was an Osmiroid [makes a mental note to write a post about my first calligraphy pens]. I like the contrast of these two styles – something flouncy with something simple.


Close up!

It’s funny, but when I wrote these envelopes I started to feel homesick for the south east… odd.
Anyhow, moving on through the never ending pile of envelopes…


Green envelopes.

I found these skinny green envelopes and I was going to write the address horizontally in one long line beneath the name… but I changed my mind… I will save that for another time… I instead chose to use contrasting calligraphy styles – casual copperplate, and a wonky version of lower case letters written with a pointed nib. I was relatively happy with the result, but wanted to jazz up the address… and so I did this…


Only slightly different.

This gives the appearance of the split nib, but it is far less formal and it is written with a Gillott 303 – I just added some extra fine lines as I went along.
So that’s me done for this week! Next week I will try to remember to slap up a post about my early calligraphy pens… and, I do actually still have my very first calligraphy practice pad… and I might share some pictures from it!!!



Casual pointed pen work

Quirky Calligraphy and something sensible….

More quirky calligraphy envelopes!! Well, I got a bit bored – what with all the rain and everything, what is girl to do other than huddle in her dining room and practice her calligraphy betwixt taking mouthfuls of cake????


Posy Flowers – Again!


Simon Sweet!

I like writing this type of calligraphy as it’s quick, effective and creates an instant impact on coloured envelopes…. BUT… although this blog is called Wonky Words, I also write sensible words too… in normal copperplate. Every week I make time to practice my copperplate properly… correct spacing, correct letter angles [yes I rule up my paper properly too] and I refer to my copperplate books – I originally learnt from Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy by Eleanor Winters, this I think, gave me a good grounding for move lively pointed pen work.


The Elegant Elsie Mophead…


Simon Sweet…

I am a little bit besotted by my capital ‘K’ on this envelope and have tried to replicate it since… just can’t get it exactly the same… damn it!
Anyhow… ’til next week…



Scented Calligraphy!

My calligraphy has been used on a perfume label!!! See HERE! I am dead chuffed! I sold a few words to a designer last year, along with the copyright… I had no idea that my words had been any use to her until I saw this last night when I was perusing online. Well, I know what I want for Valentine’s Day! This has almost distracted me from the weather!!

Anyhow… I can’t write a post without including some of my dreadful photography… I have been seriously into writing envelopes lately… some of which will be sented (!) and others, such as these mock-ups, will be photographed badly and pasted onto this blog.


Elsie Mophead???


Thinking about cake. Again.

Yeah, you’re right, I should get my proper camera out and try harder with my photographic efforts. Sorry.
Meanwhile, I have been asked to supply some work for a Country Fair, which I believe is in May… so I should be slogging about doing that… some sort of photographic representation of this work will be here in about June… let’s hope these country events don’t get washed away and that lots of nice tourists come to Devon and Cornwall and that they buy stuff 🙂

Quick update… another pic…


A better effort???

Calligraphy Addressed

It is nearly February and I have not posted here since October. A lot has happened. I moved just before Christmas in between rain storms and general wet malarkey. I totally ignored Christmas, which means I didn’t send out any Christmas cards whatsoever. I was a real scrooge…. well, quite frankly, it is difficult to move and ‘do’ Christmas. Moving is very expensive and I had to cut costs somewhere. But, if I had sent out Christmas cards they may have been addressed a bit like this:-


Quirky calligraphy address label

I did miss addressing my Christmas envelopes.

When I arrived here at my new home I unpacked all my calligraphy pens, inks and paints and started working on a Herbert Reid poem called Night Ride… my first attempts can be seen on my Flickr account (see side bar) And here is my second attempt…


Night Ride by Herbert Reid

And this is a close-up…



I suppose I should have written out my change of address cards… but this was more fun! I can do my change of address cards next week…or the week after… hopefully I am going to be here for some time.

Sorting through and out….

As I mentioned in a previous post I will be moving again… yes, again, both house and website…. this is confusing! Let me deal with the website issues first; I’ve decided to keep this as my calligraphy site and the more personal stuff reverts back to where it used to be, i.e. Apologies for this, but it’s just not working with the calligraphy, not in my head in any case. I seem to be someone who can’t sit still for longer than five minutes… let’s face it, I moved house and home twice within the space of two weeks in 2012, but I don’t really like to dwell on that for too long.

General natter about calligraphy will stay right here. It isn’t going anywhere. But physically, yes it is! To a new home in North Devon. I will miss my studio here, I have been spoilt. From 2014 I will no longer be working from a proper separate studio, I will instead be working from a table in the dining room and I will no longer be able to say ‘In the studio today’, cos that would be fibbing. I am quite looking forward to writing ‘In the dining room today’, it will put a fresh spin on proceedings and the cake crumbs won’t look out of place.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to sort out my studio in preparation for the move…..

a compilation of calligraphy work

sorting stuff out….



Bits and pieces…

And I decided that I’d like to get this piece framed and maybe put it on the dining room wall.


…to be framed…

I hope all the moving palaver is clear? Obviously I am going to be fairly busy over the coming months, what with packing and Christmas and packing and unwrapping presents etc…

Oh…. one last piece of calligraphy…. this is for Wendy

black copperplate calligraphy

…love, laughter, peace…


People often ask me [they don’t, but let us pretend that they do so that I can write a post about something nobody has ever asked me about], Scarlet, why is it that you chose a picture of Clara Bow to be your avatar? And I tell them this: It is because of my 1985 British Rail travel pass. The picture of me on my travel pass reminds me of a specific picture of Clara Bow, though not the one I use as an avatar. The Clara Bow image I’m referring to is this one:-

Clara Bow

Clara Bow

For some reason it reminds me of this…. I dug this out especially to see how they compare…

Me with British Rail tattoo...

Me with British Rail tattoo…

Now that I have seen them together I really don’t know what I was thinking… possibly the only thing we have in common is a passion for backcombing our hair…and I doubt Clara ever needed the services of British Rail… she is wearing fur… whilst I am wearing something grubby from C&A… she had her photograph taken by an world class photographer; I had mine taken in a photo booth at Liverpool Street Station; she knew how to apply lipstick whilst I had a wicked way with a chapstick… Clara was a redhead, whilst my hair has ALWAYS been brown with a hint of auburn…

Anyhow, although I have concluded that I have little in common with Clara Bow other than a moment of fuzzy hair, I am going to keep her as my avatar… for the simple reason that I like what she had to say about dogs.