Sorting through and out….

As I mentioned in a previous post I will be moving again… yes, again, both house and website…. this is confusing! Let me deal with the website issues first; I’ve decided to keep this as my calligraphy site and the more personal stuff reverts back to where it used to be, i.e. Apologies for this, but it’s just not working with the calligraphy, not in my head in any case. I seem to be someone who can’t sit still for longer than five minutes… let’s face it, I moved house and home twice within the space of two weeks in 2012, but I don’t really like to dwell on that for too long.

General natter about calligraphy will stay right here. It isn’t going anywhere. But physically, yes it is! To a new home in North Devon. I will miss my studio here, I have been spoilt. From 2014 I will no longer be working from a proper separate studio, I will instead be working from a table in the dining room and I will no longer be able to say ‘In the studio today’, cos that would be fibbing. I am quite looking forward to writing ‘In the dining room today’, it will put a fresh spin on proceedings and the cake crumbs won’t look out of place.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to sort out my studio in preparation for the move…..

a compilation of calligraphy work

sorting stuff out….



Bits and pieces…

And I decided that I’d like to get this piece framed and maybe put it on the dining room wall.


…to be framed…

I hope all the moving palaver is clear? Obviously I am going to be fairly busy over the coming months, what with packing and Christmas and packing and unwrapping presents etc…

Oh…. one last piece of calligraphy…. this is for Wendy

black copperplate calligraphy

…love, laughter, peace…


People often ask me [they don’t, but let us pretend that they do so that I can write a post about something nobody has ever asked me about], Scarlet, why is it that you chose a picture of Clara Bow to be your avatar? And I tell them this: It is because of my 1985 British Rail travel pass. The picture of me on my travel pass reminds me of a specific picture of Clara Bow, though not the one I use as an avatar. The Clara Bow image I’m referring to is this one:-

Clara Bow

Clara Bow

For some reason it reminds me of this…. I dug this out especially to see how they compare…

Me with British Rail tattoo...

Me with British Rail tattoo…

Now that I have seen them together I really don’t know what I was thinking… possibly the only thing we have in common is a passion for backcombing our hair…and I doubt Clara ever needed the services of British Rail… she is wearing fur… whilst I am wearing something grubby from C&A… she had her photograph taken by an world class photographer; I had mine taken in a photo booth at Liverpool Street Station; she knew how to apply lipstick whilst I had a wicked way with a chapstick… Clara was a redhead, whilst my hair has ALWAYS been brown with a hint of auburn…

Anyhow, although I have concluded that I have little in common with Clara Bow other than a moment of fuzzy hair, I am going to keep her as my avatar… for the simple reason that I like what she had to say about dogs.


Apparently the UK is set for a windy storm, the forecasters are unsure as to how windy this storm will be, but it may be comparable to the storms of October 2000, January 2007, and March 2008 – none of which I remember. There has also been mention of the storm of January 1990 and THE GREAT STORM of 1987 [cat.87J for those in the know], and I remember both of these… which indicates that my long term memory is much better than my short term. All of these storms are probably mere breezes in comparison to the hurricanes and weather systems that hit the US and Canada… but I am anxious. The thing about the storm of 87 was that none of us knew it was coming, other than the nice lady who phoned the dismissive Micheal Fish to warn him, this time the Met office and the media have whipped us up into an expectant frenzy of anticipation… many of us are expecting to wake up Monday morning to find our roofs ripped off and trees sitting in our living rooms. I don’t see how being prepared helps that much…. other than I have my candles to hand and my phone is fully charged…. Mr Blue is working away from home, and to be honest he really should have changed his plans seeing as he will be camping in a forest tonight. In the south of England. Yes you did read that right. Even though he knew there was a big storm coming he still went. With his chainsaw. Thinking about it though, he could end up being quids in because he might end up having to help clear fallen trees from the roads… yep, knowing him he will go from COMPLETE IDIOT to hero within the space of 24hrs. He does already have a civilian medal type award thingy certificate do-dah for bravery. And it has recently crossed my mind [as recent as 3 seconds ago] that he might be a James Bond type person… this would make sense… I mean how would I know????? Next time he is off on his travels I will follow him and when I am caught I will say: No, Sweetie, of course I didn’t think you were having an affair, I THOUGHT YOU WERE A MEMBER OF THE SECRET SERVICE…. my suspicions are never average. Blimey, this could be True Lies all over again. This thought has quite cheered me up. AND if there is any truth in my suspicion then I’m sure this post will be deleted from the internet. I AM A GENIUS.
Anyhow, I seem to have strayed from the point of this post… I meant to write something along the lines of: Big storm coming; Bit scared; Might lose the power; Hope I don’t miss Downton; Will be under the stairs; See you Wednesday.

This is what I’ve been doing….

…only I have been doing this for real. The sale of my old cottage in East Sussex completed at 9.30am this morning *claps hands like an overexcited seal in possession of a packet of cod fish fingers*, meanwhile I am still renting in Devon… BUT, I think I may have found somewhere lovely to buy… finally. I am really knackered… I meant to write a post about my demented obsession with Rightmove…. and how it’s more addictive than Facebook… and how I’d mentally lived in every type of house available – terrace, apartment, windmill, lighthouse, bakery, post office, hot air balloon, battleship, nuclear bunker, igloo etc,etc. I was going to explain how I cross reference Rightmove with Zoopla to extract the most information possible about every property that I’m interested in. The post I was going to write would have been lively, intelligent…and possibly witty… but I’m sorry… I can’t write it… because I am totally exhausted.

Anyhow, I’m now going to go back to sobbing with joy because the cottage is sold. And hopefully my addiction to Rightmove is now over. Please bear with me whilst I recover.


Dear Mr Lax…

Dear Mr Lax,

As a valued reader of ATTT you have been randomly selected, at random, in a haphazard, random way to WIN a competition. YES YOU Mr Lax!!!
Mr Lax, do you have a wall in your house that needs a painting? Have you been searching high and low for a piece of elegantly written calligraphy to fill a space in your life? Search no longer!! Because ATTT has the solution!!


Competition Prize!!

Yes, Mr Lax, you have been randomly selected to win this prize!!
All you have to do, Mr Lax, is fill in the coupon with your name and address and tell us from where this quotation originates and who it is by. If you are correct then your blank wall could soon be enhanced by this magical piece of calligraphy as ATTT will despatch your prize…. possibly before the end of 2014… or even earlier depending on whether I have any parcel tape left and whether I have any petrol in the car to get to the post office.
We at ATTT look forward to your answer, Mr Lax, and your continued readership.

Missing About

I am querying my decision to call my new avatar Ms Quotes. Originally I thought it was a jolly clever misnomer as it seems to encompass all that I am – I write out calligraphy quotations; I make mistakes; I am female – jolly clever indeed. But perhaps, with hindsight, I was too hasty with this choice as it has now come to my attention that I could have been Ms Chief, Ms Chance or even Ms Leading… did I Ms Out?
Anyhow to quell my feelings of misdirection I have decided to write a series of scintillating screenplays about the Ms Misses, which are bound to be box office hits.
The first in the series will be a futuristic racy romp featuring Ms Guided who travels around the world blindfolded, with nothing but a faulty compass, a dowsing rod, and a camel to help her find her way. Everyone she encounters has teleport technology and 3D printing, but she is determined to prove that the world can be circumnavigated the old fashioned way.
The second in the series will be a dark dramatic tale of intrigue and horror, of subtle nuance and deep thinking, starring Ms Cast who is a sunny blonde with a penchant for slap-stick humour, peek-a-boo bras, and Ms Behaviour. Everyone she encounters has read and understood Ulysses.
The third, and possibly the last, will be a Police/Medical drama which will be an ensemble piece featuring Ms Diagnosis, Ms Apprehend, Ms Begotten and the glamorously named Ms Cellanea. I am not sure of the synopsis for this final screenplay but I am certain that it will have some handcuff detailing… a skirmish in a waiting room… some long lingering looks out to sea… some of it will be shot in black and white… some of it will be spoken in French and there will be subtitles… and possibly someone will fall off a bike…probably Ms Haps.
I am sure that all my readers will look forward to reading more about the production of these torrid tales…. or maybe I am sadly Ms Taken… my faith, Ms Placed…. this could all turn out to be Ms Adventure…