Price Guide


Bespoke Calligraphy Service

In the first instance please email me at so that we can chat about your requirements; preferred calligraphy style, timescales etc. Over the years I’ve discovered that all projects are individual and some may take longer than others! Please feel free to contact me regarding handwritten wedding invitations; wedding vows; menus; quotes; favourite phrases; poems and all other paper paraphernalia!

Arty Envelopes

My envelopes featuring collage and calligraphy can be ordered – there is no minimum order for these. They start life on C5 envelopes, any base colour can be used. Prices are from £5.00 each, excluding postage and packaging.

Gilded Letters

As seen in the Gold Gallery! These are gilded with genuine 22 carat gold leaf on 15cm x 15cm water-colour paper. Letters painted with gouache are then added.
Minuscule letter group 1 [a, c, e, i, n, o, r, s, u, v, x, z] £50 excluding p&p
Minuscule letter group 2 [b, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, p, q, t, w, y] £60 excluding p&p

Gilded words and phrases

These gilded words and phrases begin life on a large sheet of water-colour paper and are then either cut or torn down to size as necessary. They are not nib written but drawn and then gilded with genuine 22 carat gold leaf. They are much larger than written calligraphy.

Words from £75.00 excluding p&p
Phrases from £100.00 excluding p&p

Price for Calligraphy on your Stationery

Names on your place cards: Modern Calligraphy – £0.10

Names on your place cards: Copperplate Style – £0.75

Names and addresses on your envelopes, simple left alignment, from £2.00

Names and addresses on your envelopes, centred, from £3.00

How this works:-

1) Email me to check timescales at

2) Arrange to send your stationery to me, with a list of the names you want written. For envelope addressing please enclose the address list in an easy to read format. Please proofread the lists thoroughly, as I will copy them exactly. Please include two spare place cards/invitations/envelopes for every ten, i.e, if you have twenty envelopes to be addressed then include four spare envelopes – mistakes happen and my internal spellcheck does occasionally go a bit haywire. I will also use one of these spares to test ink/nib/stationery compatibility.

3) I will write on your stationery and return it fully calligraphed within the pre-arranged time period.

4) Payment via PayPal or cheque, and a deposit is required for orders over £100.00

All prices are excluding postage and packaging!!