Calligraphy Envelopes

Calligraphy Envelope Addressing Service

A calligraphy addressing service for weddings, events, and special occasions…

Copperplate calligraphy, left alignment, in any colour on any colour from £2.60 [excl. p&p]
Centred calligraphy on envelopes from £3.70 [excl. p&p]
Fancy envelopes featuring no end of twiddly bits and extras from £5.00

How it works

1) Email me to check timescales at

2) Send your envelopes to me with the address list in an easy to read format. Please proofread the list thoroughly, as I will copy it exactly. Please include two spare envelopes for every ten, for example if you have twenty envelopes to be addressed then include four spare envelopes – mistakes happen and my internal spellcheck does at times go a bit haywire.

3) I will write your envelopes and return them fully calligraphed within the pre-arranged time period.

4) Payment via PayPal or cheque, and a deposit is required for orders over £100.00