Calligraphy Blog?

The wonderful people at the Scribblers calligraphy emporium have had a link to this blog since I first began writing here, which is very generous of them, considering I often go off on a tangent. I do feel sorry for those who come here seeking in-depth discussion regarding nibs, inks, and paper, but end up with a row of rubber ducks and witterings about secret villages and exotic train travel. It wasn’t supposed to be this way! I think a personal blog, such as this one, is a reflection on the core characteristics of its owner. Yes, I am random, and a little unfocused. Trying not to be does not work. I often fail when I try to be organised, and then I am cross with myself for failing so dismally, and then nothing gets done at all.

So, I am throwing out the plans; the challenges to write every day [actually I do write every day but I choose not to share]; the projects that seem to have promise, but ultimately go nowhere; and I will instead be true to myself. Yes, I would desperately like to be one of those people who can follow through on a project, such as the Loopy Letter project….but I’m not. No excuses. For those who did sign up for that crazy project – you will get something in the post one day, but it won’t be as exciting as a letter!

My current situation is not conducive to committing myself wholeheartedly to the things I’d like to do. Watching my parents die together, slowly and painfully, as I am doing, does not make me fit for much more than the daily basics, i.e. washing, dressing, eating, and walking the dog. Death eh? Old age is a killer. I am also having a bit of a sense of humour failure right now. I am trying to keep my pecker up, but it feels forced. My pecker is decidedly droopy. My intention was to use my Loopy Letter project as a distraction, something fun outside of the daily grind, unfortunately it turned into further pressure.

I am rambling now, which is self-indulgent. Anyhow, for those poor souls who come here expecting calligraphy….
I have taken up doodling, and adding my doodles to my calligraphy. It started with an ‘E’….


E by gum….

….and progressed to writing out ‘Carbuncle’ for fellow calligrapher Amy….


A graceful carbuncle for Amy…

I then went on to tackle some names….


More doodling…

….but I like ‘Best’ the best….


Best doodling…

This isn’t all the doodling I’ve done, I have reams of it, but these are probably the bits I liked the best 🙂


……and then my eyebrows fell out. Of course they did. Bored with sitting above my eyes and constantly being upstaged by my ears, they took off and went on some sort of jolly jaunt across my cotton pillow case. It is okay. I have had tests. I am fine, other than the stress related alopecia. Thankfully the hair on my head has a firm grip on the situation and is showing no signs of leaving me as a balding shadow of myself. I am grateful. Hats are expensive. It’s a good job I know how to draw a line, or two.

Meanwhile, my blog stats are showing me that I have spambots. I do not want spambots. GO AWAY!!! I have enough to be stressy about. I will occasionally be setting my blog to private to try to shake them off, as Mr Devine did when he had a bad case of bots – it seemed to work for him.

So there you go. That is my news. Obviously I am very grumpy and not to be trifled with, not even chocolate trifled.

Thank you for your interest.


Don’t let those clouds deceive you….


Don’t let those clouds deceive you….

Cos I’m hot and bothered and bored I thought I would slap up a post and see if I could disrupt Mr Devine’s sideboard with a feature image. I am nice like that.

Meanwhile, my brain has melted and there is nothing but sloshy mush up top AND, another thing, my eyes have gone weird and I can no longer read AND, my right hand has also gone weird, so I can no longer write. Nothing is working! Appalling.

*Update* I have removed the feature picture, thus returning all affected sideboards to normal.

It’s Curtains!!!

No, seriously, it really is curtains! I had put my calligraphy adventures on hold intending to concentrate on my creative writing, so obviously I made some curtains instead. BUT, because I do not have any sewing skills, nor any money to cover an enormous bay window with something bespoke, I was reduced to ferreting around on Pinterest for ‘no money’ ideas. And so it came to pass that I made rag curtains! Yes, they probably will fall apart… or fall down by the time Autumn arrives [fall], but sew what? This window is south-facing and anything that hangs there is bleached white within weeks… and I cannot afford 2 metre width blinds… anyhow, I quite like them. I think they are rather jaunty. The material? An old cotton sofa throw and some cotton voile that I had left over from another project.


Riches to Rags…


More rags…


Knotty Problem….

I am also the proud owner of a useless carbuncle also known as a conservatory. Also south-facing. It has 14 windows. I wonder what’s going to end up hanging in there?
Meanwhile, it has been HOT. Weird. There are parts of my body that haven’t been exposed to the sun since 1976… no, I’m not going to model the rag bikini wot I made.

On that note, here is a picture of blue sky and some flax.

Taking Steps

Here is an example of how many steps I usually take when taking my beloved hound for a walk….


My normal walk…

And here is an example of the steps I will take when avoiding someone who has annoyed me….


Taking steps….

This suggests that I do actually have a streak of determination threading through my veins, but unfortunately to access it I have to be annoyed.

Meanwhile, I have an exciting new series of posts to slap up! I will save the details for later as I do not want to exhaust my readers by giving them an overdose of thrills, but put it this way, it is a series to rival A Book on a Chair!!! I know, crazy talk.

Right, better go out and walk for several miles. Smoke me a fish finger, I’ll be back for supper!

Va Va Voom… And Other Words Beginning With V

And now for a repost from June 2010….

Vuvuzela – now here’s a word I will practice before saying in public. It is a word to be rolled around the tongue and swiftly blown. And not to be said with your mouth full.
As a child I was prone to verbal mishaps, mostly my mistakes were gently corrected, laughed at or ignored. Denim became deminimum and aluminium became aluminiminimummmn. I tried never to mention Birmingham and would often find myself steering the conversation towards Manchester. Like many children I had a problem with the Grand Prix, and of course with that well known car manufacturing firm…
It was a special occasion, friends and relatives were coming for Sunday tea; Mum had opened a fresh can of spam and had baked a Victoria sponge. She’d also done a salad and some other boring stuff featuring pineapple chunks and half a grapefruit. As we sat around the dining table my Aunt began to tell us about her brand new car, marvelling over its luxurious leather interior and its faux wooden dashboard. I could see it through the window parked on our driveway – new, red, and very shiny. I was most impressed. Loudly and enthusiastically I asked, ‘Dad, when are you going to get a big vulva like Auntie Pam’s?’
Such a shame that my Uncle had just popped a pickled onion into his mouth, but at least his choking provided a welcome distraction….