The Writing Project

Invites have gone out. The blog address for our writing project is: A Write Panic. Yes, I have chosen Blogger as I think this will be easier for most of us. I will help anyone who doesn’t like it, i.e, you can email me with your chapter and I will publish it on your behalf.

Anyone up for writing the opening chapter [post]???? Shout now!!!

A tune? Yes, of course.

25 thoughts on “The Writing Project

      1. dinahmow

        use my gmail one, scarlet
        I could have written screeds, but instead was thrashing it out soaking my nice clean sheets…need coffee, but can’t have it with the drugs.Shoot me now

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  1. batarde

    Thanks ever so for the invitation to the party, Miss S. I’ve had a tentative look around Blogger trying not to break anything, and am now waiting for someone to make the first move.

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      1. Scarlet Post author

        William Stickers! That old reprobate who also goes by the name of Bill Posters. Little known fact: When I was a teenager I nearly changed my name to Bill S


      2. Scarlet Post author

        ….I considered changing my name to Bill Posters due to my persecution complex…
        Apologies, I am having a fight with my WordPress App!!


  2. 63mago

    For a few days now I have difficulties with my internet connection, obviously the lines are overloaded, now & then it cuts out, something I have not encountered for ages. The common “lock down” brings the net to its limits.

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  3. Mitzi

    Thank you for the invitation and forgive my tardiness,

    I’ve been conscripted to supermarket shopping duties by my mother and her cronies at the retirement village not Waitrose which is just up the road from her place but at ASDA on the council estate, because Marion likes ASDA’s tiger bread, do you know how many mouth breathers there are in ASDA? It was horrendous having to hold my breath every time someone passed by.

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    1. Scarlet Post author

      No worries, Mitzi! The last time I went to Asda there was a fight and ketchup was badly arranged all over the floor – and this was before Covid19 – from hence forth to be abbreviated to BC.
      There is already a pink onesie and a man with a gun in our ongoing short saga, so plenty to work with.


  4. looby

    I look forward to the multi-coloured quilt that will result from patching something together from your correspondents.

    I’m cleaning a gynaecological ward for a temporary living now. “Yeah, though I walk through the valley of death…”

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