A Bit Blowy – Part 3 [The Quiz Version]


am staying indoors today because:-

a) The Gods have unleashed a plague of trampolines upon Devon. There is one wrapped around the chimney as I type and the starlings are making good use of it.
b) I have a hole in my welly.
c) I am plain lazy.
d) No.

I still have a cold, which means:-
a) I have Coronavirus and I am going to die.
b) I have Coronavirus, but I am not going to die.
c) I am hacked off because this cold seems to be lasting forever.
d) I am prone to writing increasingly overdramatic posts regarding a common winter ailment.

This week I read:-
a) 42 books, including one on how to tether a trampoline properly.
b) 1 sentence.
c) 4,642 scaremongering articles regarding Coronavirus. And something about how trampolines have replaced kites as the nation’s favourite plaything on a blustery day.
d) An instruction manual for a 1942 Singer sewing machine.

Next week I am going to:-
a) Prepare my blogpost in advance and not merely rehash the one that I published the week before.
b) Engage my blog audience with a post entitled: A Bit Blowy, Part 4 [The Picture Version].
c) Not mention Coronavirus, or my mild cold symptoms.
d) Read a book.
e) Surprise my readership with a bonus mid-week post.
f) Do something interesting with a sheep and a tube of superglue.
g) Stop talking about trampolines.

And so to the music, in memory of Mr Lax, and my mum.

17 thoughts on “A Bit Blowy – Part 3 [The Quiz Version]

  1. Jon

    1 – a); 2 – d); 3 – b); 4 – d)

    Is there a prize..?

    The Onedin LIne theme is on Classic FM every time we tune into that station, so I’m a bit “Khachaturian-ed out”, I’m afraid.

    I look forward to being pleasantly surprised at being wrong about question 4!


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  2. dinahmow

    Well, I see some of our more polite/sensible friends are tip-toeing around that final clue.I think I, too, should wisely not ask “what”
    And I am sorry you still have wind.Here, we’d have Buckley’s chance of flying a kite.Or a trampoline. Just say we could probably re-float the “Mary Rose”


  3. Inexplicable DeVice

    Yay! A quiz!!

    “I am staying indoors today because”:- a) The Gods have unleashed a plague of trampolines upon Devon. There is one wrapped around the chimney as I type and the starlings are making good use of it.
    No. No. Too obvious.
    Well, what do you think, cleverclogs?
    Definitely b) I have a hole in my welly.
    A denizen of Devon with a duff pair of Wellies?? How can that be?
    I suspect it might have something to do with c)…?
    Ah. You may have a point…

    “I still have a cold, which means:-” d) I am prone to writing increasingly overdramatic posts regarding a common winter ailment.
    I agree. I’m glad it’s not “a” as I don’t think Car will make it all the way to Devon, and I don’t fancy going on Broom in this wind the way You fly!

    “This week I read:-” Aha! This is a trick question! You want us to say c) 4,642 scaremongering articles regarding Coronavirus etc. but there have only been 4,641 scaremongering articles regarding Coronavirus published. Not that I’m concerned about Coronavirus or anything…
    Plus, the other item read was an interview with Dick van Dyke about how the trampoline scene was cut from Mary Poppins! (I checked in my Crystal Ball)

    “Next week I am going to:-” * pleasedon’tbe”f”pleasedon’tbe”f”pleasedon’tbe”f”plea- *
    I agree. We don’t need the Ovine Centipede, thank you very much!

    P.S. When the Onedin Line gets going at about 2:40 (after all the blowy stuff), I imagined you sailing into sunset skies on a trampoline (far more practical – more space, anyway – than an octopus-sucker bath mat)

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  4. lisleman

    a hole in my welly – so British. Americans would just return the defective welly to Amazon and order a new pair with overnight delivery.
    overdramatic posts – no I would call them befuddling posts.
    You must have a manual for a 1942 Singer sewing machine because who would have thought of such a thing.
    bonus mid-week post – I’ll take that one since your posts are fun even if I’m befuddled. However, a strong second would be superglued sheep.
    At least your roof doesn’t have a hole in it. Would changing the lyrics of the following song to “Ah hah oh no don’t let the rain come down my welly has a hole in it and I might ?fill in the blank?”


  5. Mitzi

    Sad news indeed about LX, I too wanted to commemorate his life with a piece of music but with my past experience of choosing funeral music I thought better of it.

    4-F I chose F because when I was younger 9 or 10 I did something interesting with my gran’s budgie, a tube of superglue and the top hat from Monopoly, it dropped off after a few days and the feathers grew back…eventually.

    Just in case I’m taken suddenly by the Coronavirus I’d like Ennio Morricone – My Name Is Nobody or Joe Loss and his orchestra – Wheels Cha Cha.


  6. nick

    I couldn’t possibly complete the quiz as unfortunately I suffer from Choice Superfluity Syndrome and I get very distressed if there are more than two options. My therapist is encouraging me to reduce my option sensitivity but it’s a slow process.

    I can’t help wondering what you might do with a sheep and a tube of superglue. Some sort of Damien Hirst product comes to mind.

    I still have a nasty cough, although I haven’t been anywhere near China. We do have a lot of china in the house though, could it be contaminated? (asking for a friend)

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  7. jonathan

    Well hello Scarlett and stuff… as a brand new reader who has just popped by via your comment on Looby’s place… I have no context to go on at all here! But please allow me to take the liberty of guessing…
    1B… 2D… 3C (although I agree with Lisleman the 1942 Singer sewing machine is a marvellous piece of invention if it isn’t the right answer)… and for the last one number 4 I have frankly no idea. Possibly all of them.

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    1. Scarlet Post author

      Apologies, Mr Devine, and everyone else who is waiting for a reply, but I seem to have found myself in a bit of a mood. What with the mood and the continuing cold (no cough) I decided to retreat to the sofa and wait for everything to pass – the wind, the ongoing cold, the news, the presidential elections, and all the rest of the relentless awfulness. I realised that A Bit Blowy – Part 4 was too depressing to contemplate, despite the herd of trampolines bouncing on my doorstep. I will make a dramatic entrance tomorrow, when there is nobody around to see!

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      1. Inexplicable DeVice

        No apologies necessary. A mood is a perfectly acceptable reason for sofa retreation etc. (after all, I had one myself not too long ago). Let’s hope everything passes quickly and with the minimum of fuss – and I’m sorry if that sounds like I’m comenting on bowel movements… x

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      2. Scarlet Post author

        A bad mood is on a par with a bowel movement. I am mentally constipated! This thought has cheered me a little! All the more reason to interact with my blog friends. Thank you, Mr Devine!


  8. Kylie

    I see that you are waiting for wind to pass but I wasn’t aware that flatulence was a coronavirus symptom
    …..and isn’t it called COVID19?
    and is coronavirus related to beer?

    I like your multichoice questions and i answer D to all of them!


  9. nick

    Damn, there’s a sheep stuck to my leg with superglue. It’s extremely inconvenient. Is this anything to do with you? If so, please remove the unwanted animal asap.


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