Valentine Calligraphy Poem…

Calligraphy Poem

And now for something completely different, yet slightly similar… a poem.. written out in a modern calligraphy cursive. Yes, I might have changed the words of a more familiar Sonnet…


My poem…


Close up!

Apologies for the lateness of my Valentine’s greetings. I did try to post it yesterday, but the Gods of technology seemed to be against me. I am having a lot of problems with this website, it’s not as easy to maintain as my Wonky Words site, so if you want to check to see if any Loopy Letters have been written then it’s best to check there first. This poem will be winging its way to a Loopy Letters recipient.

Talking of technology – and this is way off my remit – I have a fix for an Instagram issue, but I’ve not been sure where to post it. As many calligraphers do use Instagram I thought perhaps it would be relevant to post it here.

Ipad Fix for a Blurry Instagram Feed

Earlier in the year I was having problems viewing my Instagram feed on my vintage mini iPad; my whole feed was blurry and fuzzy making my Instagram experience unpleasant. I have discovered that this was caused by user error! Yes, I was inadvertently causing the problem! I tend to hold my iPad in landscape mode and thus click on my Instagram app from this position, this is the wrong thing to do! Why? Because the Instagram app is designed for phones not iPads, hence the app seems to be programmed to open properly from the portrait/vertical position. Opening the Instagram app from the vertical position makes my feed crystal clear. Such a simple fix. Before trying this fix close the Instagram app down completely from the home screen by double clicking on the home button and swiping up, then go back into Instagram holding the iPad vertically.

I really hope this fix helps someone!! The blurry, fuzzy feed was driving me nuts, it’s incredibly frustrating.

Anyhow, this is not a technology blog… and I promise that my next post will be all about calligraphy!!

4 thoughts on “Valentine Calligraphy Poem…

  1. eroswings

    Any day can be Valentine’s Day. The world can always use more love.

    I’m glad you solved your tech issue and are sharing the solution.

    Your writing is lovely as usual.


    1. Scarlet Post author

      Thank you, Mr Swings! I’m not really a tech person… I only stumbled on the solution by accident… and it might only solve the blurry issue for a few people. The blurry feed thing seems to affect a lot of people, as I discovered when I Googled the problem… I hope my solution gets found by those who need it!


  2. savannah49

    (4 days later, I write)

    you are not alone, dear lady, when it comes to tech problems! I hate to confess this, but as we’re all friends here, I shall be forthcoming with my technologic failings. Yesterday, I had to call UBER for a ride and COULD NOT GET THE DAMN APP TO WORK! I ended up having to call the MITM and have him use his app to get a ride for me (our car is in the repair shop)! It was most frustrating and marginally embarrassing. I still haven’t figured out what I was doing wrong. xoxo

    (No pressure, but am I still on the wait list for a letter?)


    1. Scarlet Post author

      Ha Ha! I don’t think Uber even exists in Devon, Savvy!!
      Meanwhile, of course you are still on the list, my sweet. I am on the brink of getting my teeth into it all.



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