So typical…

….of me to come up with a genius idea and then vanish off-grid. Apologies. I have been doing the festive thing, but I am back now. The festive thing included some of this…


Happy Christmas!!

Yes, Christmas calligraphy!! But Christmas is over and now I must get on with The Loopy Letter project.
Many thanks to all who have emailed me with their addresses! I am rather chuffed by the response and pleased that the project has generated so much interest. Obviously I am going to be rather busy for the next ten years replying to everyone [my calligraphy is rather slow handed], but thank you!
So how far have I got? The first letter is typed and ready to write out in a suitable script. My aim is to have it in the post to the first recipient by the end of the week – it is over 300 words long, gulp. I shall be back next Monday with a further update. Wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “So typical…

  1. batarde

    Welcome back! Three hundred odd words is rather a lot, if you’re going to be all fancy about it. Luck won’t enter into it I shouldn’t think, but since you ask consider it wished.


    1. Scarlet Post author

      Thank you, Mr Batarde, and apologies for my late reply! I have been trying to organise my blogs and get everything updated before I settle into the project. And I had to tidy my desk.
      Yes, 300 very odd words is a lot in calligraphy…. so I might use a more fluid sort of script.



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