Happy Birthday…..

…..to me…..

Yep, it’s that time of the year again when I am allowed to sit on the sofa all day and eat cake. I did have a fabulous post planned… but I seem to have lost it.

Meanwhile, isn’t this photograph peculiar?


Old Benson and Hedges Advert?

This one is not so peculiar… further gilding experiments with silver leaf…


Silver Leaf

Apologies for this rubbish post. But it is my birthday.

Coming soon:- Charmaine finds out what it means to be British; Aunt Scarlet makes an International faux pas; and we finally find out what was in the picnic basket that Charmaine left in the hallway several posts ago…

58 thoughts on “Happy Birthday…..

  1. A day on the sofa eating cake. Perfect. All good things come to those who wait, I hope, and especially on your birthday. May I and several of my favourite ducks wave our heads in wild abandon and wish you the happiest of birthdays πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Mr Ducks!!!! Please keep the ducks in the duck house today, we have wild weather in the west country and I don’t want to see any ducklings whipped away!

  2. Oh, happiest of birthdays!

    I love that peculiar photograph. The g is my very favouritest of your gilded letters – whether it be in gold or silver. So beautiful!
    And I like the little indentations in the s for the u, too.

    • Thank you for your fabulous post, Mr Devine!!!! I feel as though I should write some sort of acceptance speech!!! Biggest hugs to you!!! – Though I’m short and you’re tall so this might prove to be embarrassing πŸ™‚

    • You are more than welcome! I had such fun making it, so it was an absolute pleasure!

      As for the hugs: perhaps I should get down on my knees? Oh, wait… That could be even more embarrassing.

      • Yes, perhaps we should just shake hands and nod at each other in mutual admiration. This would would work for me as I would then be looking up, thus keeping my face in place.

  3. I would like to know what it means to be British, so can you hurry-up with that? Happy Birthday. I’d never ask a lady how old she is. If you were here in Manhattan, I’d buy you a celebratory cocktail in a place with a view.

  4. Cake-on-the-sofa! Yay! I got all confused yesterday because the moon ran away with the sun, but I think things are normal again.So I shall go and sit on my sofa and eat cake for you today.

      • Now that you brought this up, I started thinking of desserts. There is cake pie thing – cheesecake. I’ve wondered why it is not called cheesepie since it is shaped more like a pie. Differing on desserts is a good thing since it means more for each one.

  5. Happy Birthday, Scarlet! Hope I am not too late, what with the time difference. And I quite like that first photo. I think it has rather Escher-esque perspective.

    “International faux pas”? Oh, I am sure it is nothing critical! And I too am looking forward to learning what it is to be British. Hope you had a lovely day lounging about, having your cake and eating it too.

  6. Oh, it was you who made the international faux pas? The one that started all that trouble in the Middle East? Tch tch. You should have kept your mouth shut.

    A belated Happy Birthday. I hope you enjoyed the cake. What sort of cake was it anyway? Chocolate cake with chocolate icing and lots of sprinkles, I assume?

    My birthday is coming up on March 20. I think maybe I shall also have lots of cake.

    • I am out of cake now, Nick, and I have withdrawal symptoms…. sort of shaking through lack of sugar. Coffee and Walnut is my cake of choice, as for the Middle East, let them eat….. well, you know what comes next πŸ™‚

  7. So sorry I’m late dear, but this beard growing takes up most of my time these days. I do hope the cake-eating on the couch was just lovely. I shall pop by soon with some Scotch! Woohoo! πŸ˜€

  8. I’m almost in time to wish you Birthday Greetings for next year Darling… I hope you had a good one…
    PS It seems you’re old avitar has appeared “Big time” in Bendigo darling

    • Thank you, Ms Princess!! Are you referring to the escort agency?? Yes, I am going to have to write a disclaimer about not being either an escort, or a writer of erotic porn…. nor am I a parrot. Some people who mail me end up very disappointed πŸ™‚

  9. Of course we all wish our birthday celebrations lasted many days. However doing a birthday post and leaving in up for days does not produce the same effect. Virtual celebrations just don’t have the same impact, especially the morning after the night before.

  10. Happy belated birthday!!! I have 2,337 unread emails, so your notification nuggets get lost in the garbage. I still have several hundred viagra emails to read through and insurance quotes to get.

    • I think if I had that many unread emails I’d leave them and then open a new email account πŸ™‚ I probably would as well!!
      Thank you…. although I’ve not gotten used to being this old yet. It doesn’t feel right…. I think I might be sulking about it for decades to come.

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