Manual Posting….

I am shattered. Since the strange disappearance of Harold and Charmaine my workload has increased exponentially… quite frankly I didn’t know that colouring-in could be quite so tiring. Plus, I have been overwhelmed by the desire to send ALL my blog posts manually. Who knows why???

Anyhow, here is some evidence of my industry…




Anyhow, must fly, the post office is calling…


….oh…. and don’t I have to do something with ten rolls of tin foil????

58 thoughts on “Manual Posting….

    • I had such big ideas for my tin foil this year…. but now they seem to be in tatters. The Welsh became quite aggrieved when I tried to wrap Snowden (the mountain, not the man)…. sigh, I may have to set my sights lower. Thank you, Mr Lax!

    • I’m trying to think of a way of breaking it to Mr Devine that my entry to the tin foil hat compo might have been…er… foiled…
      Anyhow, maybe I can be a pen mistress?? Thank you, Ms Roses!

  1. I have to say the writing or calligraphy or whatever really is impressive. Funnily enough, when I tried to get to your page via the wordpress reader it warned me that the website “might not be safe” which I knew was bollocks, but just to be safe I came via my Blogroll on which you are unlucky enough to appear. Odd that, so I thought I’d let you know as long-windily as possible 🙂

  2. This is a nice “grotesque” on the envelope (or how ever you professionals call it). As IDV assured me there is plenty of time, weeks until this dreaded “deadline” looms, so enough time to get creative, tin foil wise !

    • Thank you, Mr Mags! It is true, I am in a grotesque mood and it has manifested itself on my envelopes… maybe I will practice my bastarda on my next batch and become a grotesque bastarda aficionado?
      The deadline looms, as ever.

  3. Oh, blimey! A fried hard drive, a couple of days without a computer and now a brand new, shiny laptop and I’m mizzled.Or any other word you can think of for being in a state of muddle and confusion.
    I was going to ask you about the green Elf Shorts and now I find it’s all tin hat stuff.
    But before the hard drive caved in, Ziggy said he’d done a nifty bit of whisker-twitching and thought he might be getting a signal from Harold….
    The colouring-in is very soothing.

    • Oh to be in Manhattan, Monsieur Pain…. or at least drinking one. Today I would like to be an American. I am fed up with being British, and stiff. Today I would like to be loud and wear inappropriate slacks. Tomorrow I fancy being an Italian with a full repertoire of hand gestures and an extensive knowledge of pasta.

  4. I admire your drive and dedication (looking at the calligraphy, I think perhaps my name should be changed to Mr Slapdash). But manual posting? It’s an awful long way round everyone to hand-deliver, surely: what about a pigeon or two?

    And in the blogosphere, tinfoil is for hats. Just sayin’.

  5. Gosh! Who mentioned the FGES! I’m afraid they have escaped from the preserving jar and have secreted themselves somewhere in my fabric stash… seems like a good reason to sort the stash and find the pesky pants… First the tinfoil hat compo in October… Then the FGES compo in November… How’s that sound to you darling?

  6. Seems an old song is always lingering just below the surface while I blog. Your first line had me playing “Shattered” by the Rolling Stones.
    Ahhh, look at me, Im a shattered
    Im a shattered
    Look at me- Im a shattered, yeah

  7. I am not sure I agree with Mr. Wilde this time ’round. The imposition of upon me of another person’s idea of beauty regardless of the method frightens me. There are some who maintain that the New York City skyline is much more beautiful without the Twin Towers. Innit?

  8. At first glance, I thought that red envelope was addressed to Elizabeth Montgomery, and I thought: Clever Ms Scarlet! She’s getting “Samantha Stephens” to wiggle her nose for a Tin Foil Hat shortcut! Or a Charmaine & Harold locator spell?. However, on closer inspection, I see it’s not a red envelope, but a red herring…

    Yes, one week until the Tin Foil Top Hats and Tiaras Competition deadline! There’s still plenty of time. If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t started (or even got an idea for) mine, yet!

  9. I have nothing to say about tin foil. I also have nothing to say about frogs’ legs or chinz curtain material.

    But I was sad that the log lady has finally left us.

      • too bad Western Union telegrams are not available any longer.
        “Effective 2006-01-27, Western Union will discontinue all Telegram and Commercial Messaging services. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you, and we thank you for your loyal patronage. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a customer service representative.”

      • Dear Bill, who needs a to send a telegram when there is a loft full of pigeons with nothing better to do than wing their way to America. Please do not make a pie out of them when they arrive.

    • Indeed I am…. and I now have a pressing need to gild the envelopes 😦
      I haven’t been here for ages…. it doesn’t look right… what is going on with my fonts…?

  10. At the risk of sending you in another spiral of discovering neat things to do with paper …
    Here is a link to a treasure trove. And as interesting as it may be in itself, even more interesting is how the letters were folded. Here’s a youtube about this, and further stuff about the treasure trove. Shellack anyone ?

      • Your manual offering made me very happy ! It came on to me yesterday and had a real impact.
        I will find a way to answer digitally over the coming days – right now I’m just too knackered for anything that involves fanciful, imaginative and swell handiwork, too sorry m’dear ! Tomorrow there will be some festivities, but then I will find the time to set my hand to answer your very promising manual offering with a proper work of love, hopefully colour~ & cheerfull !

  11. Happy Holidays, Scarlet & loved ones.

    Hopefully, this third attempt to leave a comment makes it through…If not, well, then best wishes and a joyous Holiday Season to you and yours. Perhaps the Xmas tree design in the post was too much.

    May the holidays surround you with warmth, love, and joy. And may the New Year bring you good health, good luck, good company, & good times! Cheers!

  12. Playing the fairy atop the Christmas tree will do that to you…. Merry Christmas darling… Oh… and it’s almost the New Year… do you require tweezers for the tinsel removal?

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