Wishful Thinking…

Thank you for all your kind messages regarding the disappearance of Charmaine and Harold. I am continuing my search as I type. I am on the 13.04 train from Aberdeen to London, Kings Cross. I have no idea why.

Meanwhile, this tune has been playing on my mind. It is very annoying.

Is it me, or do both lyrics and video make no sense whatsoever?? Please be careful how you answer this question, and furthermore, did anything make sense in the eighties?

Oh good… there is a lady coming down the aisle with the drinks trolley… please excuse me… I will report back with any news next Thursday.

Thank you for your patience, and please Mind the Gap.


41 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking…

    • I am a little out-of-touch. I’ve not been ’round these parts since the heady days of Dr. Maroon and Mrs. Pouncer. I hope one or more might catch-me-up. How do I post a comment from Blogger? The world has changed and, alas, I’ve not.

      • Hello and Welcome, Cuddles!! I would love to know what happened to Dr Maroon. No one will tell me. My suspicion is that he’s buried under a patio somewhere in the Thames Valley. I miss those heady days.

    • Hello, Mr Lax, it is no good.. I can’t remember the questions now and I am replying in a box that doesn’t give me access to the original post…. all I can surmise that you are being terribly negative.
      Thank you for the tune! I liked that one very much, in any language, aside from the weird one you’ve been using on your blog.

  1. I found it to be rather hypnotic – the tune and the video. I was almost in a trance until that little boy turned that soldier into an old man, then I realised I was supposed to be taking note, but by then it was too late.

    Is there anything left on the trolley, or did you swipe the lot?

    • Did I not reply here, Mr Devine?? Obviously I did swipe the whole contents of the trolley as I’m sure I replied here! Maybe I was in a trance? I am still pondering the bit where he tries to ride the bicycle out of the haystack. Odd.

    • I think time travel is afoot. It would explain why you thought you’d replied but hadn’t – you were in the future! Plus, poor China Crisis’ video producer had obviously also travelled into the future too, seen LX’s preposterous secret code malarkey and gone quite mad, before returning the the Eighties and coming up with that peculiar video.

  2. It didn’t “do” much for me.Perhaps because my radio is playing something Bach-ish in the background.Also, I have only had one cup of coffee …hey! trolley lady….over here!

    • Dinah – Back in January 1984 it didn’t do much for me either, i.e. I didn’t bother recording it off the radio. Over the years it has grown on me and somehow has the power to transport me right back.

  3. It is always so pleasant here. A far cry from the craziness of the US. Your music video was so visually stimulating that I didn’t even hear the music. The last time I was at King’s Cross I was mesmerized by some very creative and persistent hookers trying to attract customers. I just love London. BTW, I bought the tee shirt.

  4. I’ve always like that song never seen the video before though, it reminds me of a Catherine Cookson dramatisation the one with Catherine Zeta Jones in it, as seen on the Yesterday channel on a Sunday afternoon. Excuse my spelling, Word press has underlined dramatisation in red there, it’s done it again, quite frankly I’ve passed caring after deciphering Lx’s code I’ve taken to wearing blue tinted glasses to ease my throbbing head.

  5. I always reckoned Achilles Maroon to be a Scots and if he is under a patio, which is probable, I reckon it would be somewhere in the Lochee housing estate in Dundee. And if he still breathes, I too wish to discover his whereabouts – the plaid-bedecked reprobate is in arrears for 6 years of child support. I happened upon the silver-tongued miscreant of “Cape To Rio” back in 2005 and before one could recite “A Man’s A Man For A’ That” I was heavy with child.
    I am not bitter

    • Well, Ms Cuddles, it seems you weren’t the only one to fall for the dubious charms of Achilles Maroon… rumour has it that before vanishing off the face of the Earth he married Mrs Pouncer…. this rumour was put about by Mrs P on Facebook, hence why I feel that Maroon is buried under a patio in Reading. OR… he might be on a distant oil rig, with no internet connection, making shed loads of money. Either/iether.

      • That explains it. A careful re-examination of Ms. Pouncer’s erudite word salads o’er at http://mrspouncer.blogspot.ca/ (apologies, I can’t be arsed to code for a live link) leads one to the inescapable conclusion that the fair ‘woman of commerce’ had very poor taste in men. It cannot be a coincidence that at about the same time Ms Pouncer begins her entertaining pixellations, the good Doctor ceases his. Wait a minute….. perhaps they are the same person?

      • No, they are definitely two different people, Ms Cuddles. I have had lunch with Mrs P at Joe Allen’s (twice) in 2008 and I spoke to Dr Maroon on the phone… I have no clue what he said as I couldn’t understand his accent. It still haunts me to this day.
        Actually, they both still haunt me.

  6. No, they make no sense to me either. But obviously the best thing to do when you’re in a bit of a pickle is to catch the 13.04 from Aberdeen to London. I know many people who’ve boarded the 13.04 and suddenly hit on the meaning of life, the universe and everything. Or at least they thought they had after they’d had their fill from the drinks trolley.

    • I am now back in Devon, Nick. I am still none the wiser. I am still without my dear companions, but I do have a vat of gruel on the boil… Plenty to go round if anyone is interested… anyone??? I added a spring onion and a carrot for extra flavour… I can freeze it and put it in the post…. anyone??? Oh well.

  7. hello, sweetpea! by the time i got here, i’d totally forgotten everything, except, of course, the dear doctor maroon and mrs. p. i do miss him. and by the by, i always loved that “mind the gap” on the tube! LOL xoxoxoxox

  8. “mind the gap” – over on this side of the pond a few years ago this was taken as shopping advice. Do they still announce that in the train stations?
    I just watched this Apple clip/advert. I think you’ll find it interesting. I thought the iPencil was a joke – no joke.

    • I agree with your first tow bits of advice, but as I am from the tropics, Myanmar, and am currently resident in Canada (I am being punished for having been evil in a previous life), standing in a cool place is advice NOT to be followed. The place goes to -40 (that’s right; MINUS 40) in January and February. Seeking a warm place is the best solution to this uncivilized state of affairs.

    • Tsk. It has been a tough week visiting service stations looking for Charmaine and Harold. At one point the shrill clatter of discordant castanets drew me to the nether regions of Slack Bottom in Yorkshire, but I was mistaken, it was not Harold, it was instead a retired illustrator shuffling a pack of comedy cards. Sigh. I need a new lead…. perhaps attached to an astute Bloodhound.
      Apologies, Mr Mags, normal service WILL RESUME.

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