Myth Busting….

Dear Scarlet,

I am 50 tomorrow, what does this mean for me?

I look forward to your insight,

Kindest Regards,

Mrs Karen Rogers

Hello Karen, and thank you for your enquiry. I reached this milestone way back in March. I had a filthy cold and didn’t make much of it… but, to date, this is what I have noticed:-

1) You will suddenly find yourself labelled as a ‘Baby Boomer’, and derided as such. Technically this is incorrect. 1964 is considered to be the cut off date for the Baby Boomer generation. To be fair you are in the ‘Just Missed the Boat’ generation. Be grateful that you’re not in the ‘Can’t See the Boat for Looking’ generation, or the ‘What Boat?’ generation.
Your formative years were the seventies and eighties. In November 1979 UK interest rates were 17%. In 1982, when you left school, unemployment topped 3 million. Your teachers didn’t believe you’d get a job and you were not encouraged to go to university as you were deemed to be too stupid.

2) You grew up looking a bit like THIS, but magazines and fashion blogs are now advising you to look like THIS, because this is what real women look like. Please note that clothes for real women generally only come in size 12 and above.

3) For some reason even though you grew up listening to this…

… it is now generally assumed that your age group prefers something along the lines of this…

4) You will find yourself becoming increasingly disconcerted about joining the over fifty demographic, and you will feel the desire to write ranty blog posts about your dissatisfaction.

Basically, Karen, it appears that there is a pervasive mindset that equates being over 50 with being born in the 1850’s. Sigh. Obviously everyone is still crap at maths.
My advice? Stick two fingers up at the lot of them [didn’t we always?]. Do what you want, wear what you want, be who you want to be. It is time to redefine what being over 50 means. And here is my contribution to the redefinition. Here is my 50-year-old bum in a pair of skinny jeans…

picture of me in skinny jeans 2015

My Bum 2015, Age 50

I hope this helps,

Warmest Regards,

Scarlet x

P.S Happy Birthday!!!

32 thoughts on “Myth Busting….

  1. 1. As a Boomer, I was going to reference the analogy about our generation as “that bulge mov[ing] through the nation’s age profile like a pig in a python” mentioned in the Independent article!

    3. I’m thinking of this 1964 classic!

    4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And I don’t think I’m out of line here; I think Herr Mago would thank you as well!

    • I wish I’d found your 1964 classic before I posted, Mr Lax! Much more dramatic. Yes, I did promise Mr Mags an updated bum pic. I like to keep my readers happy 🙂

  2. I don’t think my demographic has a label. Unless those of us born during or just at the end of “that” war are called “quickies.” That would seem to do our parents a disservice!
    And I wish my derriere could still fit into skinny jeans!
    Very Lynn? Nope, not me.I’m far more likely to break out the “In the Mood” music.

    • I think you would probably be lumped into the Boomer generation, Dinah! Everyone who is over 50 gets an immediate pass.
      I like In the Mood…. I used to be able to play it on my sax 🙂

  3. I like Lorraine, but that dress doesn’t do anything for my hips.

    Ooh, nice bum! However, I can hear the yoof moaning that that isn’t how you do a selfie.

    • I like Lorraine too, she is a chirpy soul… but that dress… I honestly don’t know anyone who would wear it. My Mum would like me to dress this way… I guess this is a good enough reason not to.
      My bum is my best side 🙂

  4. Fantastic bum, Scarlet! Most women in their 30s can’t show off their goods looks as your splendid ones, so be proud of it and especially of the rest 😉


    PS.- Yes, this helps!

    • Thank you, Leni! I am not giving up the skinny jeans yet, even if the fashion editors tell me that they are not age appropriate. When did my peer group ever dress appropriately?!

  5. Being in the ‘real’ baby boomer demographic, my bum does *not* look like yours… but I am working on it!! And when I get there, I will post a pic like yours. No guarantees on when that will be, though.

    I still like a lot of the music I grew up listening to. Why would that change as I get older? I’ve just added to the playlist over the years. It is very long now…

    • Your bum will look like this! I know you have will power… and you have a dog to walk, which is always helpful when it comes to exercise.
      Same here with the music… although I do acknowledge that if I like something new it’s usually because it reminds me of something older!

    • Hello and Welcome, Jacqui!
      I am feeling defiant in the face of fifty! There is still so much to do and achieve… I think it will be my defiance that propels me forward 🙂

  6. Thank you for this. I’m only 5 years off this important milestone and I was wondering what I will face.

    By the way, your 50 year old butt is awesome.

    Happy Belated Birthday for March! xx

    • Thank you, Ms Rose!
      Yep…. I feel I should warn you that some very strange things can start happening to you from the age of 45 onwards. You might find yourself screaming: I am to young for this!! And you might find yourself checking Mumsnet for hours on end just to make sure that you are normal… think of it as an adventure… and never give up.

  7. Dear Miss Scarlet.. I fear you failed to mention the development of strange noises and sound effects that escape from ones vocal cords whilst performing once simple tasks like bending over to pick something up off the floor or extracting oneself from a comfy chair… the sudden appearance of rogue eyebrow, nostril and ear hairs also come to mind… the positive of reaching 50 is that you now qualify to give unsolicited wise opinion to the younger set on life experience and also access cheaper insurance premiums…

    • Oh Princess!!! I have no idea what my eyebrows think they’re playing at! Each month they fall out and then grow back again. It’s baffling. I have to keep colouring them in. Younger people do this for fun!

  8. sweet mary sunshine! actually, the word that came to mind was FUCK! i’m 65 and right now, i look like an extra from “Annie Hall” and i’m guessing that isn’t an appropriate look. . . 😉 xoxoxo (all of that to say, you are absolutely correct: “My advice? Stick two fingers up at the lot of them [didn’t we always?]. Do what you want, wear what you want, be who you want to be. “)

  9. “Fifty is the new eighteen” or was it “Thirty.”? It was some age anyway. What I can say is that your bum does not look big in your jeans, and that is a good thing regardless of age. Now where is that low-calorie burger I put down to writ this comment !

    • Thank you, Mr Ducks!
      Fifty is the new fifty!! Those who are thirty can only dream of knowing what we know… HA, HA, HA…. little bit of schadenfreude there…
      Meanwhile, put that low-cal burger down and reach for the bowel of bran flakes and prunes.

  10. Yes, darling, it helps ! Thank You !
    I do not believe that your “bum is your best side”, but it surely is not your worst !

    *mwah* – Küsschen auf’s Ärschchen !

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