Something Simple…

When not having thoughts like net curtains that hang limply without the beauty of a breeze, I have other thoughts, normal thoughts, such as: Who did kill Lucy Beale? How high is the likelihood that I’ll have a power cut within the next 20 minutes? Is it time for tea and biscuits yet?

My thoughts have also been pondering the calligraphy 365 challenge, i.e posting a picture of calligraphy every day of the year. I could do this, as I do usually practice calligraphy every day… it’s the posting of the picture that is a problem because although I am fond of Instagram, I do find it overwhelming – I enjoy admiring the calligraphy and lettering I see on there… but I don’t really like posting. Posting makes me anxious, which is probably why I like this blog best, because it is quiet – how plain bonkers is that???!!!! My other quiet place is Flickr, so maybe Flickr is the way to go for this challenge… well I’ll sort of do it here… but I will mostly do it there, if that makes sense?!

Meanwhile, if you have happened upon this blog looking for beautiful calligraphy, then I strongly recommend that you visit HERE and HERE – two wonderful calligraphers who talk good sense about calligraphy and don’t appear to have rambling incoherent thoughts 🙂

My first two offerings for my 365 challenge…





30 thoughts on “Something Simple…

  1. Exile on Pain Street

    This is lovely and I’m looking forward to your posts, but please don’t turn it into a goddamn job. If the joy evaporates, then stop. Go back to thinking big thoughts. Anything is preferable to turning your passion into an anxiety attack. Okay?

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Ha Ha, Dinah! Well, we both chickened out of that one didn’t we! I think I need a challenge, for me this will be more about posting less than perfect work and hopefully becoming less anal about it!

  2. lisleman

    Oh the stillness of crickets singing on the blog. Quiet blog – that is bonkers.
    I will admit that I don’t care for any daily challenges. Too many unknowns in any given day to worry about a challenge.

    1. Scarlet Post author

      I agree, Bill, I will be ‘cheating’ on this challenge, meaning I will sometimes post pictures of older work. I am often busy at the weekends (cleaning, nail maintenance, industrial hair grooming and suchlike) so I will have to if I am to commit to this project. Life sometimes gets in the way. Today’s effort will be from a couple of weeks ago 🙂

    1. Scarlet

      This is very good news indeed, Mr Devine! I was so incoherent this morning that I was almost Dribbling. Rough weekend, featuring an AA man and tight nuts.

    1. Scarlet Post author

      When I have finished writing out the Sol LeWitt sentences, I will be looking at old comments to be given a calligraphic rendering – Wooho! Scotch! maybe one of the first.

  3. Palimpsest

    Net curtains are so depressing without a breeze, unlike your calligraphy which is always gorgeous and probably best without one (a breeze that is). I’m now going to locate you on Flikr.

  4. Peter Wells aka Countingducks

    I got the wrong end of the stick, which is normally the end I pick up, because I thought you had ceased to write this Blog and then I saw you leave a comment on my Blog wishing me a very happy new year etc, which I thought was nice of you, so I clicked on your name and here I am again, reading your delightfully whimsical and refreshing thoughts and admiring your calligraphy.

    I do remember, in another life, when I used to wear a suit and pretend I knew what I was talking about having to collect a cheque from some man who was a calligrapher. I remember being really struck by his skill, and wishing I didn’t have to forward the cheque to my employers. I feel a bit like that when I look at your work. It really is skilful and beautiful.

    I dream about having such a skill myself, to counter those who look at my life and career with bewilderment. I long to hear the comment, as others gather to criticise my lack of achievement that, “You do know he makes the most perfect Crème brûlée don’t you?” but my plans to acquire such a skill are still in the research stage. Do keep posting here, because I love reading your thoughts.

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Sorry for my extremely tardy reply, Mr Wells!
      I tend to pop up hither and tither… a bit like a mole really, and too be honest all this calligraphy is playing havoc with my eyesight.
      Ack, why wish for a Creme brûlée when we have a box of butter creams *lights two cigarettes and passes one to Mr Ducks, thus recreating a classic scene*


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