Somewhere in the middle….

And so a New Year dawned over Mogwash, possibly 2010, it was always difficult to be sure. I pondered the newness of the new – a fresh beginning, or the end of the beginning, or perhaps the beginning of the end, or the beginning of the end of the beginning. Nobody could ever pin point exactly where anybody was; with this in mind I decided that I would go forth and celebrate the middle, which I concluded was usually the most significant, unappreciated, and complicated part of anything.
These thoughts do not spring to mind lightly, instead they hang like limp net curtains without the beauty of a breeze. Going nowhere. Yes, unfortunately I had had another idea…


Getting lost….

23 thoughts on “Somewhere in the middle….

  1. dinahmow

    Hello! Forgive me if I don’t say “stuff” I think it sounds a bit rude.And, of course we don’t do rude here, do we.
    I’m looking forward to finding out what we DO do here…anyway, I’m dead chuffed to see you in print again.I might even be inspired…
    Happy New Year, Scarlet. xx

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Hello Dinah!
      Indeed, stuff could mean anything… who’s to know whether or not I was interrupted whilst typing: Say hello and stuff a cushion before sitting down? This is plausible.
      I am also interested to find out what goes on here. Hopefully we will both have our curiosity sated.
      Happy New Year 😊

  2. Scarlet Post author

    Mr Lax, re 1987 and 2043… this insight might be of use! In 2015 I will be searching for the lost ark of calligraphy and thinking about the Middle aged, whilst keeping a sharp eye on my middle; it needs no further expansion.

      1. Scarlet Post author

        NO, Mr Mags!! It is not going to happen. It has never happened, it should not even think about happening.
        I hope I have placed this reply beneath the correct comment, otherwise I may appear a little harsh.

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Good grief! That was 5 years ago!! It might have spread a little since then! The things I used to do for comments, eh? Maybe I try it again here!!

  3. lisleman

    there appears to many memories with you and a few readers. I know muffin about it. This post reminded me of the song “Stuck in the Middle with You”.

  4. Exile on Pain Street

    Well, that’s a start, innit? Is this going to be another of your torments where you string us along with your writing and art and then suddenly stop without explanation? I’m just barely over the first time.

  5. IDV

    Ooh, the promise of another Mogwashian adventure!

    And your middling reminded me of this (from 09:30 minutes in). Just don’t go and get yourself a Cheryl Ladd hair do from this film!


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