And where it all ends…

Back in July I began uploading this here blog about Mogwash – my first blog, the one I started back in 2006, originally on Anyhow, it is done now, I have uploaded and edited the original posts… and added some fresh content. This was my summer project. I did this to re-engage with my creative writing, creative writing being the reason I started to blog in the first place… I thought it might help to remind myself why I turn up here, tap on keys, and press the publish button. I’ve enjoyed this project, and I’d like to spend more time writing, but not necessarily blog posts… I want to carry on writing my book… back in 2010 I managed to write 20,000 words…. I might only keep 2000 of them, but I would like to finish it.

The Wonky Words blog will now revert back to erratic posts about lettering and calligraphy… although maybe not in the same vein as it was before; one thing I have accepted is that I am totally crap at graphic design… I was always more narrative based and three dimensional, but I like calligraphy, it can be relaxing. For normal blogging I’m back to the Blogspot, where I will occasionally pop up and say hello to anyone who still has me in their blog reader or on their blogroll.

I am so grateful to the bloggers and calligraphers who turned up here and read these confusing ramblings about Mogwash-cum-Luddley… that really was a kindness! Much appreciated! Many thanks to the Bottle Hunters on my sidebar.
Extra special thanks to Mr Peter Wells – A new friend and a good read; Mr Mags, Mr Lax, Mr Devine, and Monsieur Pain – all have gone beyond the call of duty and all five will one day receive an exciting map of somewhere that may well lead them to a great something…. 🙂


29 thoughts on “And where it all ends…

  1. I am glad to learn that you always have been three dimensional. So I just wait for the definite Schlüsselroman of the 21st century. We will always have Mogwash …

  2. Thanks for filling us in on your plans. I was confused during the first few posting on this. Well we all start out confused don’t we. I’ve learned on my visits to the UK that you can spin around the roundabout a few times but eventually you need to take a direction.

    • This is very true, Bill!! Ha, yes, this yarn is like being on a merry-go-round! I will finish it one day, and maybe I’ll self publish… and give my ramblings to people for Christmas!!
      I’m glad you persevered – it was good of you.

    • Monsieur Banish, I have redecorated the old joint and mean to update on a regular basis… it’s more of a improv blog than this one, where people pop in for a natter more than anything else – which is nice.
      I meant to see Helvetica! Thank you for reminding me!

  3. Ooh I say. I was reading this, nodding and blinking in approval, and trying not to get biscuit crumbs all over the place when I came across my name. Big thank you for that, but a clear crumb catastrophe as you can imagine. I’ve really enjoyed your “Wonky-Words” output, but I greatly admire good calligraphy as well, so shall stay in touch. Any book written with thoughts supplied by your admirable imagination would be well worth reading so I hope you get it finished

    • I hope I am slowly getting my act together…. I have added you to my Blogspot Blogrol… which means that I will never miss any of your posts and you will always be welcome on any of my blogs… although it can occasionally get a little bawdy over there! And there may well be a Mogwash Christmas special. Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement – much appreciated 🙂

  4. OOh! Those ahead of me have said it all. And, yes, the old blog is still in my feeder (and there it is!) so there’s no chance you’ll lose me. Except when I pull a muscle and can’t sit for more than a few minutes.
    Mogwash was fun on this side of the screen, too.
    See you around…:-)

    • Thank you, Dinah! It has stirred some fun memories. I have some interesting plans for calligraphy on this blog, which links in with the old blog. Interesting, but I’m not sure if it will work… I must commit myself!

  5. I love the confused ramblings! Not only were the Tales from Mogwash entertaining, but they also felt like home (only much better written). Plus, we all had a good old snout at those delightful/dastardly bottles of emotion, so know where to come when we run out.
    Thank you, Ms Scarlet, thank you!

    • Thank you for your participation, Mr Devine! There will be more Mogwash posts, I hope… for starters, I never really wrote a post about the bottle of sleaze… and that needs writing simply because it’s my favourite looking bottle.

  6. I finally manage to spare some time to get throughout the whole Mogwash rigmarole. I had to go back to the beginning in July since I had missed so many episodes but I know now that I could’ve started from anywhere….

    Reading the entire story in one single bite gives a completly different perspective. It felt as if I was reading a novel from which most of the pages had fallen apart and had been put back in ramdom order, many of the pages still missing.

    It was all in all very entertaining. A big smile hung across my face the whole time. I don’t often read fiction in english but were you to ever publish your book, I’d be one of your first buyer.

    Best luck in your creative efforts and many thanks for sharing these bottles with us.

  7. One day I will make myself a big pot of tea and sit and read this whole blog from start to finish, for now I’ll pop over to blogspot to see what you’re nattering about there.

    • Hello, Monsieur Pain!! Apologies… I am drowning beneath piles of envelopes at the minute… I hope to be back in the land of typing by next week… it’ll be at the Blogspot! Which has been compared to Mars.

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