Quotes about the artist…

“She was deeply hurt that nobody believed in the existence of Bottled Greed. I was with her when she buried it. It does exist.”

“She often used to walk up to the disused outdoor swimming pool close to where she lived. I told her not to go there. It was a ghostly, lonely place. She said it was haunted and that somebody had died there.”

“Her website and blog were influenced by her favourite authors and artists. She wanted to have everything she liked in one place.”

“As a child she was obsessed by a TV game show called 321, which was presented by Ted Rogers and Dusty Bin.”

“I felt that she was very introverted, reclusive even. She was much more sensitive than people believed. She liked to construct an opposite impression.”

“It was sad. She couldn’t quite determine fact from fiction and used to get in a muddle.”

“She was a slightly crazed misfit with a bottle fixation.”

“She always knew exactly what she was doing. She was exceptionally honest. I didn’t really like her very much.”

14 thoughts on “Quotes about the artist…

  1. Peter Wells aka Countingducks

    Always knew what she was doing and exceptionally honest. I think I’d like her. As you know I am a fan of bottled emotions, although I have so much natural greed I may not have to sneak out to the off licence to grab a bottle of that one, but then I seldom know what I am doing, which is my only excuse your honour

  2. lisleman

    “crazed misfit with a bottle fixation” – had I not read the previous entries I would have taken this to mean an alcohol problem.
    “construct an opposite impression” – that covers about 99% of the people in the world. This starting me thinking of “Smiling Faces Sometimes” by the The Undisputed Truth. Beware of the handshake, pat on the back.

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Mr Pain – I should have added the link to Dusty Bin, but I am in slacker mode this week.
      Fiction, smiction…. it’s all subjective… and distorted in those fun house mirrors that you wrote about.

  3. IDV

    Just who did that first quote come from? If they indeed saw the Bottle of Greed being buried, they know where it is! We must find them, immediately.

    * uselessly attempts Ted Rogers’ 3-2-1 finger thingy *

    1. Scarlet

      Mr Devine… yes, that is curious… who did that first quote come from? The last one needs a good slap – in my humble opinion… bet that person is a whiz at the 3-2-1 finger thingy..


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