Lost and Dangerous…



Occasionally, outsiders or people I knew from a previous existence, would attempt to make contact with me. Some would even go so far as to leave the security of street lamps, pavements – the rudiments of civilisation – to visit me in the dark depths of my rural enclave.

One morning I was awoken by a despairing voice on the telephone, pleading for directions.

“Where am I? This is deliverance country, Banjo Lan . . .”

Much to my amusement my caller was cut short by the infamous Mogwashian dampening field that sucks the signal from every passing mobile phone. I could only conclude that my friend was indeed very lost, but at the same time very close, and even with concise directions, a map, compass, and a book of quotations, it would always be impossible for anyone to locate me, let alone the bottle of greed.

17 thoughts on “Lost and Dangerous…

  1. IDV

    Oh, gods. I looked at the tags and saw there was one labelled “a very big clue”, so now I have (more than ever) Bottle of Greed Finders Block. Unless the dampening field has spread throughout the interwebs and is shorting out my deductive thought processes?
    The last coherent thought to slip from my mnemonic grasp was either that the bottle is buried somewhere very close to you, or that it was Ashley Banjo in your garden with a paperclip.
    Wait! That last bit wasn’t coherent…


      1. IDV

        Is that a clue as well? Is the Bottle of Greed down a well?? Languishing beneath several coats of batter in a fish n chip shop??? Gah! I don’t know!


      2. Scarlet

        Mr Devine! Please calm yourself! You are speeding ahead at an erratic pace. Slow down and enjoy the journey…. take in the view… watch where you are flying…. otherwise there is a chance that you might crash, and then the clues might just fall into the wrong hands…. AND we have only just cleared up a similar mess due to over confident, erratic driving.


  2. 63mago

    I don’t have a portable, so I miss nothing. And wander unnoticed most of the time.
    I looked at the big clues and am with IDV – Venedig. BTW Venediger was the name of Schatzgräber, treasure diggers, in the late medieval / early modern time. The last Doge threw the bottle into the sea – we need to dive into the Adriatc Sea !


    1. Scarlet Post author

      No jumping in the sea!! See if you can find the Alt-tags on some of the photos 🙂
      The clues are in the blog…. not necessarily on the surface….
      P.S Don’t let anyone know that I told you this.


      1. 63mago

        Oh dear ~ Of course I’ll be silent like – like – like the bottle’s grave !

        Is there a Loch near Hogwash-cum-Ludley ?
        Can’t help, I want to throw meself into something right now …


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