Desperately Seeking Sanity


Deja Vu

Dr. Clive Mutterfort, DGM, MRCOG, MClinPscychol, MFFP, DCH, PhD, GCSE, was a large rotund jolly gentleman in the same vein as a young Stephen Fry, all floppy fringed with a similar sense of humour.
‘As we can’t locate your previous identity and nobody seems willing to come forward to donate a spare one, then it may be wise to construct a new one for you…. er, the old one probably wasn’t working too well in any case, otherwise you wouldn’t have ended up in here,’ he chuckled warmly, as he started scribbling frantically on his prescription pad.
‘Voila!,’ he exclaimed as he tore off my prescription with an extravagant flourish.
‘Here you are child, this should sort you out, now run along….chop, chop…. what are you waiting for? You must start immediately . . . shoo, shoo . . . toodlepipski.’
I hastened out of his office into the reception area where I sank down into a battered leather sofa and read the following:-

Identity Construction, Stage 1

1) Begin writing a bizarre fictional blog relating vaguely to your everyday experiences.

2) Explore the nature of an everyday object such as the humble bottle, find a way to exploit its inherent potential as a receptacle for purely emotional material.

3) Read books of quotations and note down the ones most relevant to your current situation.

I was beginning to feel a peculiar sense of deja vu….

16 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Sanity

  1. “toodlepipski” – ! ?

    What kind of doctor medicinae is this ? The man I call doc, his face sculpted by Jack Daniels, reeking of the finest blend of oriental tabaccoes, this man would never tell me goodbye with something like “toodlepipski” – it would end in a roaring coughing fit and Nurse Myra had to bring his medicine, a steaming cup of coffee slightly flavourved with – *snirfl* – Armagnac today ?
    “toodlepipski”. Herrgottnochmal

    • I am so sorry, Mr Mags! Dr Mutterfort is a private doctor, and gets away with saying what he likes… plus, all those letters after his name probably have something to do with his colourful vocabulary.

  2. Blast! I’ve missed 10 days worth and now feel out of the loop.

    But perhaps that’s a good thing? Maybe I can use this amnesiac-lite feeling to try and think like our protagonist and deduce the location of the Bottle of Greed?

    Oh, who am I kidding?! I still think it was Professor Plum in the Dining Room with the electric golf cart…

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