I t was perhaps several months later when I awoke to find myself in a hospital bed in Dorchester. I had forgotten everything – Mogwash, the bottle of greed, my dear friend Sebastian and the fact that I was merely a character from a fictional blog. The doctors spent many hours trying to help me regain my identity, all seemed hopeless… I had been found wandering, dazed and confused in The Booze Bucket – purveyors of fine wines and dubious ciders. Chillingly, I had a fatal head wound and a not unattractive limp.
Nationwide television appeals pleading for friends or relatives to come forward to identify me and take me home proved fruitless. It appeared that I had not been reported missing.
To pass the time I spent many happy afternoons in the hospital craft room teaching myself the ancient forgotten skills of calligraphy; hour upon hour would pass whilst I sat at a desk addressing colourful envelopes to imaginary people with made up addresses.
Dr. Clive Mutterfort, DGM, MRCOG, MClinPscychol, MFFP, DCH, PhD, GCSE,



seemed convinced that clues to my identity/hometown/bottle of greed were to be found in my inky scribblings, I had no reason to persuade him otherwise.

11 thoughts on “Amnesia

  1. xl

    I continue to be astounded by Miss Scarlet’s psychic powers!

    I note in the sidebar my listing under “Bottle Hunters.” I was indeed a Bottle Hunter! I used to ride my bicycle to collect discarded soft drink bottles along the roadside and redeem the two-cent deposits for pocket money.


  2. Ponita

    I am so glad your fatal head wound turned out to be non-fatal, Scarlet. Surviving something like that is a rarity, I will have you know.

    Oh lordy, I just noticed that I too am a Bottle Hunter! Again, your psychic powers amaze! Many years ago, I would scour thrift shops and garage sales for coloured glass bottles for my oldest sister’s collection. She had beautiful old bottles all over her window sills, catching the sun’s rays and filling her house with rainbows. Her heart and soul were filled with rainbows. I miss her so much.


    1. Scarlet Post author

      I used to hanker after one of those old lemonade bottles that used to have a marble in the neck, very pretty and very collectable.
      Sadly, my collection looks a little creepy and I have to hide them under the stairs.



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