Newspaper Extract 09/03/2025

. . . had left misleading, often completely meaningless clues via her website. These included visual clues, whereby bottles would be photographed in unusual places, the most daring of which was ‘Bottled Flight’, whereby a bottle containing three large eggs rests precariously within a bird’s nest, 60ft aloft. Other clues were encoded within quotations and in a fictional story about village life. It is still unknown as to whether ‘Bottled Greed’ actually exists, indeed some remain sceptical as to whether Scarlet Blue actually exists, but an understanding of her work leads one to believe that the possibility of ‘Bottled Greed’ existing is highly likely . . . .

18 January 2007

11 thoughts on “Newspaper Extract 09/03/2025

  1. IDV

    I could never be a detective, as I’m hopeless at divining clues. I can’t even get to grips with the game Clue, forheavenssakes! So, I shall just rejoice in the fact that I don’t appear to be the only unwilling time-traveller, and prepare myself to nod in agreement when someone else puts the pieces together as if I knew all along!



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