Wooden Words….

Remember way back when, when I said I was busy getting work ready for a craft show? Well that is all done now. The show is over. Anyhow, I have added a page to this blog showing all the work I contributed… apparently my work was a talking point, if nothing else!!

My new page is HERE – Wooden Words


My favourite quotation….58cmx39cm


says it all really….

I have thought about opening an Etsy store… I have thought about it long and hard. Seriously. And at length. I have decided that it is not for me, purely because I have realised that I am an incredibly fickle character… I enjoyed making these signs…. but I’m not sure that I would like to make too many of them on demand, but the odd commission is nice. I have always been fickle… on one hand it’s good because I don’t get stuck in a rut for very long… on the other hand… I never really settle to anything for longer than six months. It’s a character trait I have to bear in mind before committing to anything… it’s not a character trait that I seem to have any control over!!

So, now I have the wooden signs under my belt I am now moving on to my next ‘thing’ and my ongoing quest to find uses for calligraphy other than for wedding invitations etc continues….

Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast! [Ace Rimmer – Red Dwarf]

22 thoughts on “Wooden Words….

  1. I do like the washed finish effect on those signs! Very nice!

    This occurs to me as another possible sales channel. Perhaps place them in a few nearby gift shops on consignment?

  2. These signs are amazing! And so smoothly done – I saw that they were wooden and I pictured nib tines snapping and flying everywhere …

    They’re really, really cool. Love your work S.

    • No nibs involved, Moya! Well, not on the end product… they start as calligraphy in my sketch book and then I draw it on… after a lot of messing around on the larger more wordy ones. So this is drawing and painting rather than calligraphy… but definitely calligraphy inspired!

  3. Hello Ms S,

    The painted boards are huge fun. We love the one with the Oscar Wilde quotation.

    The paint effects are so well chosen and complemented by the perfect match of calligraphy. As you say, it must make a welcome change from working with pen on paper but rather more fun to do only a few special boards rather than a production line. Perhaps an Art Gallery may put some examples of your work in with a mixed exhibition. Often, over the summer they are more prepared to have alively mix of things rather than the more serious exhibitions over the Autumn/Winter. Could this be a way forward?

    Whatever, your work is beautifully done.

    • Thank you, Jane and Lance! Secretly I think I would like my own little shop… over the years I have made a wide range of bits and pieces… I’d like a little shop in a pannier market place by the seaside… I also have dreams of curating work from other people, making sure that we all complement each other… at present just a dream!
      Thank you for your welcome advice, I will look for places to exhibit.

    • Thank you, Judy! I love Red Dwarf! A long time ago I did a whole piece of work that was a homage to the series… but that was long ago and in different lifetime. Sigh.

  4. My sister used to work in a craft shop – she said that the trouble with using small local suppliers was that they didn’t like doing the same thing for long, they hated repeat orders. So your instincts are probably right. All the same, those pieces are lovely.

  5. I’d buy one, they’re beautiful. I went to the London University of Arts degree show last weekend and nothing there was as appealing as these. Too much demonstrating being clever in a way that totally baffled me!

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