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Not Calligraphy…

Sometimes calligraphy is not the answer to a lettering conundrum. Earlier in June I was contacted by designer Anita Bell to write several sentences on two 3 metre split and steam bent branches of Ash. The wood had been crafted by Ambrose Vevers, and was to be part of a larger sculpture, designed by Anita, that was to be installed in a contemporary office space in Shoreditch, London.
Anyhow, I met up with Anita and we concluded that my calligraphy might not be the answer… a cleaner, fresher, more contemporary lettering solution was needed…

Okay, there is no easy way to explain this other than:- Bodoni Font; tracing paper; 0000 paint brush; black acrylic paint, and 26 hours of painstaking very awkward painting…


After installation








Tricky to take a picture of…


Still tricky to photograph…

I swear that this was one of the hardest projects I have ever worked on… working out if the sentences would fit… dealing with an uneven surface… fitting the branches into my studio without breaking a window… Although when I finished the pain was worth it, it was what Anita wanted, and for me, it was an achievement. Plus, this has given me a new, and healthy interest in well designed font lettering… there may be more of this sort of thing going on on this blog!

Wooden Words….

Remember way back when, when I said I was busy getting work ready for a craft show? Well that is all done now. The show is over. Anyhow, I have added a page to this blog showing all the work I contributed… apparently my work was a talking point, if nothing else!!

My new page is HERE – Wooden Words


My favourite quotation….58cmx39cm


says it all really….

I have thought about opening an Etsy store… I have thought about it long and hard. Seriously. And at length. I have decided that it is not for me, purely because I have realised that I am an incredibly fickle character… I enjoyed making these signs…. but I’m not sure that I would like to make too many of them on demand, but the odd commission is nice. I have always been fickle… on one hand it’s good because I don’t get stuck in a rut for very long… on the other hand… I never really settle to anything for longer than six months. It’s a character trait I have to bear in mind before committing to anything… it’s not a character trait that I seem to have any control over!!

So, now I have the wooden signs under my belt I am now moving on to my next ‘thing’ and my ongoing quest to find uses for calligraphy other than for wedding invitations etc continues….

Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast! [Ace Rimmer – Red Dwarf]