Scribbly Calligraphy

I am no longer going to write posts. Have decided to slap up pics in an instant way deprived of any explanation. Nobody reads anymore anyhoo. I could write penis, penis, penis and nobody would be any the wiser so long as there is a picture to distract them.
Here is a crap picture of some italic variation wot I did at the weekend.





26 thoughts on “Scribbly Calligraphy

  1. As a new subscriber Scarlet, I confess to reading every word. Enjoy your calligraphy and your random body part references in equal measure ;o)

    • Hello Kylie,
      Apologies… I am in a mood with the Internet… it is difficult being in a mood with something so large. I thought it was time for a blogging flounce. Nobody has these anymore and they used to be fun… times change… best to have a flounce, get it out of my system and move on.
      I have a horrible feeling that I have a gothic penis somewhere… or it might be something worse. It was written during a private flounce.
      Thank you for your comment – appreciated.

  2. “Scribbly calligraphy” is one of those phrases like “instant classic” or “military intelligence” or “act naturally.” What are those called? There’s a word for it.

    I just Googled it. Oxymoron.

    What, exactly, do you mean by nobody reads? What am I? A chipmunk?

    • Apologies, Mr Banish… I am having a blogging crisis on par with a bad hair day. My question to both you and Mr Lax is this… would you prefer me to blog at the blogspot or here? And please don’t say that it’s up to me… I am finding it very confusing. I have tried to be serious on this blog… but I don’t seem to be able to keep it up for very long. I am in a pickle. It is awkward having more than one blog as inevitably one will get neglected… I don’t know what to do 😦

    • Do you know… I think it might be a gothic vagina! I will see if I can find it… I was working on it before I moved… and there was good reason to.
      Please could you consider my question to Mr Banish… I need help!

  3. My view is that blogging should be a fun hobby, not an obligation or ordeal. Write whatever you want on whichever site you choose. I will follow along, unless, of course, I am banned*!

    [dodges thrown nibs]

    * In that case, I would like a “Banned by Miss Scarlet” logo, please.

  4. Yes, you are right… I am having a wobbly over nothing. It’s just that I feel that bloggers such as ourselves are a bit like ancient relics from ye olde worldy social platforms of yore… I say this because there are so many new social platforms now… and I think I would have a hard job feeling happy using them. Even Facebook is looking antiquated. I have thoughts like this, and I wonder if anyone else has noticed? Or maybe I just clicked off down a wrong street?

  5. Write what you want, where you want, when you want, Scarlet. There are no obligations with blogging. You’re free to do whatever you want, even writing ‘penis, penis, penis’ everywhere… which would hopefully be done in a whole bunch of different styles with different colours of ink to demonstrate different fonts. 🙂

    Despite being techy/nerdy enough to go on any of the other forums of social media, I stick to facebook (mostly) and blogging (occasionally) because it’s where I’ll find the people I care about. Like you. Here. xoxoxo

    • Thank you, Ms Canada…! You are right! I have sort of dropped off of Facebook… although I saw a picture of you there yesterday, and you looked like you were glowing. Brilliant picture… I think I ‘liked’ it!
      I think all this angst about blogging is really just me being unsettled… I like this house I moved to, but I don’t feel 100% at home yet… I’m feeling slow to adapt… plus, my birthday next year is a big one… so I reckon I am being more introspective than usual. It’ll pass. It usually does 🙂

  6. I can’t seem to get back into blogging, either.I lie awake in the dark hours and think of witty things, but then I fall asleep and when I wake all the witties have buggered off.
    And Farcebook is just getting worse.
    Blog at whichever site you fancy at the time.I’m subscribed to both so I’ll read either place.

    • Penis is attention grabbing! From now on all my posts will feature body parts. I am scared of Twitter, I did have an account but became totally befuddled by all the re-tweeting. Thank you for reading!

  7. Penistastic! Please keep blogging, I really do think there’s a place for wordy posts even though most of the world has gone to Twitter and Instagram. I want more blogs to read!

  8. Thank you, Moya! In all, I have been blogging since 2006… my very first blog is now deleted, but I have a hard copy… I have had my ups and downs with blogging… but however grumpy I get with it, I seem to carry on regardless!

  9. Flounce in a pickle ? I come here and learn.
    I think you started with the removal of your bush back in 2006 ? Blogging crisis, bad hair day, and the looming of the big one next year – it’s all too much.
    I do not use all these other social media things ; I never liked farcebook, am by far not interesting enough for twitter, or interested in what is mostly twittered, and found g+ a tad too complicated.
    Like you I had a “serious” blog and my usual one, in the end it did not work for me. So I use one personal blog only – and now and then “do” something, kind of, on the blog on the business site, where I put “Lesefrüchte” or such, in German. But it’s for a very different audience – if there is one at all given the small numbers of hits – an other environment ; it has another task, I play another role there.
    My personal blog is older than what we do on the business site, there is a group of mutual readers … Where does this lead to ? For me it was good to have my personal blog separated from the business related thing, that’s all I can honestly say. I do not know what’s good for you.
    I like “Wonky Words” and the other fibbertigibbet too.

    Wasn’t there a painter who uses his membrum virile for painting ? Maybe he signs his works this way too.

    • Good evening, Mr Mags… Oh, I’m sure there are plenty of men who consider their membrum viriles (plural???) to be be works of art… and do anything they can with them.
      Meanwhile, I have resolved my social networking woes and now feel positively Zen like.

  10. I read your words, even though it’s twaddle. I never take any notice of what you write anyway. I like the pretty pictures though. I copy them, print them off, cut them out and paste them on the outside loo wall to cover up the bracket fungus that grows in there. I wont tell you what I use for the paste, but it sure sticks well!

    What do you say to that then? You’re never going to squeak to me again?

  11. ooh-err…. i don’t look in for ages & what happens, lol. ( recent survey says no-one over 29 should use ‘lol’ but i don’t care) For that gothic penis, try rubbing sandarac on it, but for gawd sake don’t mix up yer sandarac with the gum ammoniac…. could get very sticky 😉

    Anyway…. what do you want to be serious for? I can’t help it , but you can’t help but have fun!
    I like the easiness of blogger & for absolutely no reason whatsoever don’t particularly care for wordpress . Think its cos people keep saying that ‘if you’re serious about it you should go to wordpress’…. so i don’t on principle!

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