Scented Calligraphy!

My calligraphy has been used on a perfume label!!! See HERE! I am dead chuffed! I sold a few words to a designer last year, along with the copyright… I had no idea that my words had been any use to her until I saw this last night when I was perusing online. Well, I know what I want for Valentine’s Day! This has almost distracted me from the weather!!

Anyhow… I can’t write a post without including some of my dreadful photography… I have been seriously into writing envelopes lately… some of which will be sented (!) and others, such as these mock-ups, will be photographed badly and pasted onto this blog.


Elsie Mophead???


Thinking about cake. Again.

Yeah, you’re right, I should get my proper camera out and try harder with my photographic efforts. Sorry.
Meanwhile, I have been asked to supply some work for a Country Fair, which I believe is in May… so I should be slogging about doing that… some sort of photographic representation of this work will be here in about June… let’s hope these country events don’t get washed away and that lots of nice tourists come to Devon and Cornwall and that they buy stuff 🙂

Quick update… another pic…


A better effort???

11 thoughts on “Scented Calligraphy!

    1. Scarlet Post author

      Oh yes, Mr Banish! Please buy because of the label!
      I have added another pic taken with my better camera…. I don’t think I has the patience for photography… calligraphy – yes, but not for photos. I will have to ask Eryl to help me.


  1. dinahmow

    Everything The Banished One said.And huge congrats! I know the effort you put into things.Oscar Widdle would surely be thrilled.
    skips off doing a happy little skip for Scarlet…


  2. Claire Gould

    Sented 🙂
    Well bloody done though, that’s really cool!
    I love how your made up names and addresses* are cute, funny and don’t come across as sarcastic… whereas the second I write “Rose Cottage” I just feel ashamed of myself for being too girly

    *apologies to Elsie if you’re real. I’ve seen weirder names on wedding envelopes, actually…


    1. Scarlet Post author

      You could write Rose Bungalow! Plus ‘Bungalow has a nice mix of ascenders and descenders!
      I am totally gobsmacked by the perfume label… I didn’t know if it had made the grade, nor did I know which brand it was for. I think it’s been in the shops since before Christmas; I’m glad that I found out now rather than back then as it’s raised my spirits – spirits that have been severely dampened by this awful weather. I hope you are fairing well up in the Lakes?



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